Pool Igloo

DIY Above Ground Pool Cage

Pool Igloo, the dome that keeps the bugs, and ughs out of your pool.

Unique Pool Dome

Simple to install

The Pool Igloo is the only product of its kind. A screen/cage system for your above ground pool that takes the headaches out of maintaining your pool, This screen enclosure helps keep your swimming pool clear of all debris, easy to maintain, and a pleasure to relax in throughout the year.
Fits most round pools!
From 12' to 27'
Rounds Available
Above Ground


Save money on pool chemicals
Your new oasis will require HALF the chemicals to remain clear and clean through the year.
Save time on cleaning
No more scraping leaves and debris from the bottom of your pool.
Relax in comfort, no more bugs
Enjoy your oasis without wasps, mosquitoes or other pests who love summertime as well.